Why Sponsor Skyhawks

All of our sponsorship opportunities are promoted across all of our  Camps, Leagues,  Varsity and Junior football. Whatever level you would consider committing too, we thank you in advance for your interest and support for our football club.

Select A Package



Consider helping us sell season tickets to our community! We are looking for businesses to buy a spot on our sheet for $200, providing a discounted service or product that will drive potential customers to your business. Each player is responsible to sell 10 sheets which means a circulation to over a thousand households. We sell each season ticket sheet for $20.

Each sheet provides the consumer with tickets to our 4 home games and great savings from 8 area businesses. (Your spot is 2×2.5”.)

GAME DAY PROGRAM $250 - $500

Our souvenir game day program is the fan’s guide to each home game. The program is available to all fans and consists of player information, rosters, pictures and the upcoming schedule. Have your company’s message placed in our program to let the football community know you are a proud supporter of the Skyhawks Football Program.

Program is made available for our 4 home games for both Junior and Senior Varsity and in addition our 4 home games for our U22 Junior Team.


Our Game Day Sponsor is a great way to showcase your business while supporting Skyhawks.

As a game day sponsor you will be seen from the sidelines on a 3x6ft double sided A frame banner as well as a half page ad (8×5”) in our game day program.

Your game day sponsorship includes both Junior and Senior Varsity home games, as well as our U22 Junior team that competes in the Fall. That means for businesses who come on board as Game Day sponsors your business will be showcased 12 times throughout the year!




Does your business have a product or service that you would be willing to donate to a great cause?

Do you just want to give back to the community by supporting up and coming young student athletes?

Our MEGA RAFFLE is a great way to get involved. Big or Small any way you can help us always appreciated.

Throughout the 2022 calendar year our organization sells as many raffle tickets for our fundraiser….the more prizes we can get the better! It all culminates with a Grand ceremony at halftime of our season finale game!! BUT what makes it fun is we use games and events throughout the seasons to draw early bird prizes and LOVE giving recognition to the people donating!!

That can be you!! If you have a product or service please each our!! What’s that you say???? You don’t have a product or service but still want to donate….simply give whoever you like and we will still be sure to get it raffled off with a special thanks to you personally!

The funds raised through our MEGA RAFFLE go directly back to supporting our local athletes.


Your company will be promoted locally at all the Skyhawks home games, which is a total of 12 home games. This includes all of our Varsity games in the spring/summer and U22 Junior games in the fall. Your company will have a presence on our website for a full year.

On the field your company name and/or logo will be proudly displayed on double sided A frame banners on the sidelines bringing visual recognition to your business. Not only will game attendees become familiar with your company on game day, fans will also take home a souvenir game-day program that will include your half page colour ad to continue your company’s influence off the field.

And there’s more!

Your company will be announced at various times throughout all varsity home games, both Junior Varsity and Senior as well as our U22 Junior games. This added feature expands on the visual components listed above to create an auditory association between your company and Quinte Skyhawks. This package also includes two season passes for you or someone you know to experience Skyhawks football in action. Your involvement with our association is appreciated. With this package your company will also be included as part of our year end “Thank You” in the Skyhawks Football yearbook.

This will highlight your commitment to the Club and the values it stands for in a way distinctly superior to regular marketing and commercialism.


• One 3x8ft sideline banner displayed at all Skyhawks home games

• Advertisement on website

• Half page (8×5”), full colour ad in home game programs

• Announcement at home games

• Sponsor plaque

• Game Day Swag

• 4 season passes (2 Varsity & 2 Junior)

• Game Day VIP (pre-game field level access)