SKyhawks Varsity COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

In these uncertain times. we as an organization are taking action to provide our Skyhawk Famly with the opportunity to participate in football in 2021. What that looks like is still unknown but please be assured that we are committed to seeing this through. We are working with our local officials, the Ontario Football Association and Football Canada to ensure a safe return to participation in this great sport.

As a result we have prepared the following 6 phase return to football for the Quinte Skyhawks Organization. Both our JV and Varsity will follow our return to play policy and guidelines, working within the local and provincial participation max number guidelines.

Phase 1. Home Support

During our current lockdown and stay at home order, we are opening up the digital world to reengage our players and coaches. Zoom Meetings will be setup to stay engaged and connected with players and coaches, talking football and encouraging each other during these difficult days. Coach Carb – Strength Coach No excuses! Get ready for spring! Join Coach Carb Mondays @8pm on Zoom (starting January 25). Sessions will include how to stay motivated, workout strategies, nutrition with lots of time for your Q & A.

Phase 2. Off-Season Training

Our Off-Season Training plan is to re-engage our players and coaches in person, utilizing Loyalist Sports dome, to prepare are athletes for when we can start practicing outside. Our goals consist of program specific training, skill development and mental readiness as we prepare our athletes for the 2021 Spring Football Season. We will be working closely with Loyalist Sportsdome and city officials to make sure that our training sessions will fall within the guidelines of the COVID-19 parameters.

Phase 3 – On-Field Practice 9Man Flag Football

Our goal come April is to get back on the practice field at Mary Ann Sills Park preparing for the upcoming season. Helmet only sessions will take place, running full practices learning concepts, schemes, getting both sides of the ball ready for action! In order to keep some competitive juices flowing during this time we will be introducing 9 man flag football for our players. This will give everyone some game type atmosphere while allowing our players and coaches the opportunity to continue to develop and grow in their respective positions.

Phase 4- Team Intra-squad

As we are allowed to return to contact, we will be working within our groups to practice individual position skills and team schemes/concepts and ultimately put those to the test while playing in a scrimmage setting to be able to feel as close to normal football as possible. Our plans would be to utilize our booked practice times and home game dates for these scrimmage setting games. All of these games would feel like a regular season game, including referees, stick crew and hopefully some fans. All games would be filmed.

Phase 5 – Return to Play OFC

With all the efforts being made to provide for a season this year, Phase 5 is the ultimate goal that we want to achieve. The OFC is working with all of the Clubs across Ontario to determine the logistics around play and when a season may start. Planning is currently underway for a “sliding start” to the season which could see a season start anywhere from May to sometime in the summer. All efforts will be made for the possibility of an OFC 2021 season.

Phase 6 -Regional Jamboree Tournament

If a decision is made from the OFC that league play cannot be made possible, we will then consider a REGIONAL APPROACH to playing football. If all efforts have been exhausted and less populated regions are able to play football, we will introduce a Jamboree style tournament. This would involve 2 or 3 clubs coming together providing a condensed season, making sure that all communities have been approved and following all COVID-19 guidelines. Our goal is to be playing football!

We understand that everyone would like to see things go back to normal but we know we will get there! In the meantime please know we are committed to providing a platform for our coaches, athletes and families to stay connected with football in a safe manner.