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Skyhawks Name

One of the very first things we did as an organization was put together a small committee that would look at possible names for our football club. Our number one goal through this process was to make sure that our name represented was connected to our community. After much searching  Brenda Gabriel the wife of Coach Gabes came up with the name.
When we searched the name we discovered that the National Defense Military’s Parachute team was called the Skyhawks based out of trenton. Through many weeks and many applications the Department of National Defense approved us to use their name for our football club. A letter from the Director of National Defense was submitted to us stating the following; “On May 16, 2017 the Department of National Defense Intellectual Property has given clearance to No Limits Youth Organization to use the following trade-mark protected insignia of the DND; SKYHAWKS.”

In a closing statement the Director said, “Always remind your young men that you are representing the Department of National Defense whenever you put on that Jersey. So be men of discipline, courage and honour, represent yourselves with pride and strength.”