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Core Covenants

“The Disease of me = the Defeat of us!"
Working together, contributing from perspective roles to accomplish common goals. Team first!
  • Promotion and inclusion of all programs in recognition and support of the team.
  • Promote, instruct, encourage team concept.
  • Keeping the organization to a high standard when it comes to Teamwork.
  • “Team first mentality” is intentionally taught and lived.
  • Promotion of Team not self! “No hidden agendas!”
  • Respect and honour decisions made by other coaches, ie Head Coach, OC, DC.
  • Communicate player roles and provide guidance as it pertains to playing as a team.
  • Celebrate and encourage the roles of all the coaches!
  • Know and accept roles and actively participate at events; and program fundraising.
  • Timely communication through program “chain of communication”.
  • Open to recognize, raise, and resolve issues with coaches and administration.
  • Promote student time management.
  • Encourage academic standards for student athletes.
  • Do everything possible to make the team successful.
  • Expect and give your best at all time.
  • Physically and mentally prepared to play your role.
  • Build up and speak highly of teammates; encourage and mentor others.
  • Always ask yourself does this reflect being a Skyhawk or me!
  • Team is always first and everything else is last!
How we represent and conduct ourselves
  • Facilities are available and welcoming with sportsmanship and the spirit of being apart of the Skyhawks Organization.
  • Administration and game management staff are visible; greets visiting teams, officials and coaches. They model and enforce proper game behavior.
  • Intentionally teach life lessons through athletics.
  • Set, share and follow through with expectations for behaviour.
  • Value and reinforce sportsmanship.
  • Positive, professional role model at practice and on game day!
  • Let the players play, let the coaches coach, and let the officials officiate.
  • Loyalty to the Skyhawks program; support and encourage athletes and coaches in public.
  • Represent yourself and the Skyhawks organization with class.
  • Play with integrity.
  • Celebrate good play and team success with teammates.
  • Respectful of coaches, players, property, opponents and officials.
  • Act in such a way that will always show poise, control and grace, no matter the situation or the outcome.
  • Won’t criticize, taunt, or belittle those same people or others.
Achieving highest potential through continuous effort and practice
  • Involved and connected with athletes and programs
  • Coaches are held accountable to a high standard for behavior, training methods and program operations
  • Available, caring and supportive of the athletic community with mutual trust and transparency.
  • Support is provided for all programs to enhance success.
  • Expectation to compete at a level to reach full potential with a goal to win.
  • Practices are challenging, begin and end on time, and get the most out of each athlete
  • Understand system installs and expectations for position.
  • Be prepared, practice and game day!
  • Value participation in other Skyhawks programs
  • Year around relationships and ongoing communication with the club.
  • Act and speak highly of Skyhawks programs.
  • Promote best effort and commitment to Skyhawks Football.
  • Support and monitor student athletes’ academic progress.
  • Booster involvement always.
  • Intensity, focus and leadership are seen through punctuality, being well prepared and making others better in all they do
  • Master the techniques and principles taught by coaches as an individual and team.
  • Measure success by improvement that is made throughout the season
  • Academics are #1 priority
  • Visible, high quality ambassador for Skyhawks Football.
Desire and ability to overcome challenges with continuous effort
  • Provide assistance to struggling athletes
  • Assist coaches in overcoming obstacles and solving issues
  • Observe and provide feedback to coaches on a regular basis
  • To be a positive voice in the midst of overcoming challenges.
  • Coach every minute of every contest.
  • Encourage, teach and promote a relentless, never give up attitude.
  • Coach through adversity and build mental toughness with a positive demeanor.
  • Always believe the best in every individual.
  • Release athlete to program and promote “yours to conquer attitude”.
  • Assist students in overcoming challenges and require athletes to complete and complete each season.
  • Reinforce academic and athletic excellence to fullest potential.
  • Relentless player who overcomes adversity without excuses.
  • Be a coachable, focused player who is driven to succeed.
  • Challenge yourself and teammates to reach maximum potential
  • Aim high for academic excellence.