Complete Concussion Management

As our season approaches and our first ever Junior Varsity team is selected, the executive along with our coaching staff take injury prevention and the health and well being of every athlete very seriously.

The Province of Ontario has announced this week the passing of ground-breaking legislation to protect amateur athletes. As an organization we applaud the government for taking steps to ensure our youths safety and we as Skyhawks will ensure this is upheld.

Saying this we are excited to tell you that BIHC and Dr. Ben Osborne has partnered with us providing our team and every athlete the highest level of care through Complete Concussion Management.

This system is a network of trained multidisciplinary healthcare practitioners that collaborate with physicians to co-manage concussion injuries, helping patients and athletes safely return to learn, work and play.

From Baseline testing to return to play, CCM has every athlete covered. Thanks to the team at BIHC for making this possible for Skyhawk Nation!!