Sunday April 5th, 2020

Skyhawks Football COVID-19 Update

The OFC Varsity Division and the Skyhawks Football want our athletes, coaches and spectators to have the safest and healthiest experience possible. We are monitoring the information coming out closely and will follow the opinions and directions of World, National and Provincial health authorities. The situation is still extremely fluid at this time.

Our goal is to minimize the risk to our members while continuing to plan for Skyhawks football in 2020. We are striving to provide the best information possible during this difficult time.

That said the OFC executive along with representatives from every Varsity Club held a video conference meeting on Saturday April 5th, 2020. Concerns from members were exchanged and possible scenarios were discussed, including various limited schedules. The consensus across most clubs is to have some sort of season. What that looks like is still to be determined.

Bottom line we are committed to having some form of football this summer based upon what happens over the next couple of months with the pandemic. Another meeting has been scheduled for May 2nd. If things become clearer by that time we hope to have a more definite answer as to what type of season we could possibly have.

What is most important is that we do our part in ending this crisis, stay healthy and safe and look forward to a better tomorrow!

Quinte Skyhawks Executive