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Nov 20 2023

U16/U18 Winter Training

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The Quinte Skyhawks Football organization is gearing up for their annual 16/U18 Winter Training sessions. As the winter months approach, the talented young athletes of the Quinte region are eagerly preparing to enhance their skills and teamwork on the field.

The Winter Training sessions is a crucial part of the Skyhawks' off-season regimen, designed to keep the players engaged and focused during the colder months. These session enables the players to continue their football development, ensuring they are fully prepared for the upcoming season. Our 3 hour sessions will cover various aspects of the game, including agility, footwork, technical skills, tactical awareness, and teamwork.

The Winter Training program not only provides an opportunity for the players to improve their individual abilities but also fosters camaraderie and team bonding. Through intense practice sessions and friendly competitions, the young athletes will forge stronger connections, building a solid foundation for success on the field.

The Quinte Skyhawks organization takes pride in offering top-notch training and development opportunities for their players. The Winter Training program is just one of the many initiatives aimed at nurturing talent, instilling discipline, and promoting a love for the sport.

As the Quinte Skyhawks 16/U18 Winter Training  approaches, excitement fills the air as players eagerly anticipate the chance to further their football journey. With determination and dedication, these young athletes are ready to take their skills to new heights, representing the Quinte region with pride and passion.

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